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8 Homemade Beauty Tips For Brides Before Marriage

Posted on by skinorgan Admin
Hey bride-to-be! Your journey from avoiding the stubborn acne to getting that radiant glow on right before your wedding can be a tough one. However, a series of all-natural homemade face masks can be the go-to choices for you.

Moreover, among zillions of things to do before the wedding, it may not be possible for you to hit the salon every week! Thus, while you are all excited but nervous for the wedding day, you shouldn’t miss out on a flawless and rejuvenated skin. From getting that right amount of beauty sleep to cutting down the screen time, there is a list of tasks a bride-to-be must keep a check on!

So, check out these totally natural beauty tips that you can follow before the wedding for the real bridal glow!

A Proper Skin Care Routine.

As a bride, you need to take the best possible care of your skin. And that too starting at least two months prior to the wedding day. In addition to it, religiously follow an accordingly designed skin care routine best suited to your skin type. Thoroughly, cleanse, moisturise, and massage your skin.

An 8-Hour Sleep Daily.
Exposing yourself to a proper full-fledged 8-hour sleep pattern daily is a must. Firstly, because it keeps dark circles away. And, secondly, in order to keep yourself energised. Don’t you wish to enjoy your wedding functions, after all?

Stay Hydrated.

Drinking lots and lots of water guarantees you a glowing skin. Therefore, stay hydrated! Further, water moistens your lips and throat preventing you from feeling parched. Also, this being said, having more water keeps you from eating more than required.

Consume a Wholesome Diet.

To attain that radiant glow before your D-day, keep in mind that a balanced food intake is a must. Additionally, a high protein intake can keep you fit and healthy! Also, take foods that are naturally rich in vitamins and iron like green leafy vegetables and legumes.

Say No to Oily Food.
Consuming fried food can never be termed as a healthy habit. Because, they are full of calories and further lack the required healthy nutrients. The best choice you can make is to avoid them. Consequently, you wave your pimple problems goodbye and have a clear skin.

Avoid Crash Diets.

To clarify, skipping food altogether would not be a good choice at this point. It resultantly causes weakness. And, eventually, you may develop those puffy dark circles that you have feared all along. Moreover, that is the last thing a bride-to-be wants!

Never Sleep With Makeup On.

Sleeping with makeup can clog the pores and as a result cause acne. Further, it may lead to damaged skin cells and dry skin. Additionally, puffy and irritated eyes can also be a result of this practice.

Religiously Attend All Workout Sessions.

No matter how you get as busy as PM Modi, you just shouldn’t skip your workout regime. Not only will it keep you away from stress, it will ensure you a healthy and a fresh mind.

Hope the above tips help you look your best on your wedding day! Skin Organ wishes you best of luck and a happy married life ahead. If you have any suggestions to the already listed above beauty tips, write to us.