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6 Style Hacks To Hide That Alarming Belly Fat!

Posted on by skinorgan Admin


People often say that you are what you eat. However, as much as we appreciate the analogy to a warm, fluffy muffin, it's certainly not the most complimentary body type. This curvy on top, narrow on the bottom quite disappointing at times. Above all, the belly bulges result in a flop show whenever you are in the mood to adorn body-fitting clothes.

Hey you, fret not, this article doesn't dictate you to stop eating muffins or those cheesy pizzas. Instead of asking you to modify your diet at the moment, we present to you not just one but six innovative style hacks that'll help you to hide that belly fat. Yes, it's possible. 

A Decent Body Shaper

It's acceptable to swear by tummy tuckers once in a while for an easy-going day throughout. They are a simplified and a comfortable option to wear beneath your bodycon dresses and low-waist bottoms. Furthermore, it assures you of a no-accidental belly show. First style hack by Skin Organ that answers your question of how to hide belly fat with fabulous clothes.

Vertical Pattern Shirts or Dresses

In all honesty, outfits with vertical patterns give a semblance of a taller height. And therefore, make you appear leaner when compared to your actual body shape. Thus, opting for shirts or dresses with a vertical pattern can deflect the concentration from your tummy fat.

High-Waisted Jeans

A sincere word of advice - the higher you go on the waist, the more your jeans will fit you well. Also, tuck in your tee-shirt and then pull it out a little to give that swagger, squarish effect. In addition to it, make sure you look out for bootcut hem. Not only this will make you look slimmer but also a more heightened version of yourself. However, ensure that you buy the right size (thank God for 'Odd' sizes), so the high-rise doesn't smother you.

Peplum Top

Get over the misconception that you can't wear belly shirts or tops. Commonly known as a crop top, just blind-sighted, go for a peplum hemline one. Peplum gives a slimming effect without hiding your curves. In addition to allowing you some much-needed breathing room, it doesn't let you compromise on style.

Ruffle Top 

These loose yet stylish tops prove to be the best choice to hide your tummy fat. The flared design gives one ample space to hide the belly fat. And, that too while driving the attention to the creases. A ruffled top with bell sleeves can turn out to be an apt choice also. 

Pencil Skirts

In our opinion, pencil skirts are a must-have in your wardrobe. Most importantly, this slim-fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut complements all body types and shapes. Customized for a close fit, they're a great fashion pick for work as well! Pair it with a baggy top so that the proportions get adjusted automatically.