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5 Outfit Colours That Enhance Dusky Skin In An Impeccable Way

Posted on by skinorgan Admin


We at Skin Organ are so sure that the song "Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne…" by Yo Yo Honey Singh gets inspired by the dusky beauties all across the globe. Be it Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, or Beyonce, these independent, graceful ladies have made it to the top, and the entire world stands smitten with them. 

The dusky skin tone is a unique yet dazzling shade that a lot of us desi-videshi girls get enthroned with, honestly! Many of us fail to understand the fact that Indian skin comprises various undertones. And, ours being a warm one reflects beauty and hotness at par with each other. In short, why fret over choosing from an extensive array of colour shades and which will suit you. 

Well! Guess, it's high time, we enlighten you about the five must-have colours in your wardrobe that complement the dusky skin in the best possible ways. Above all, they are sure to make you look sexy. So, let's figure out how many of these shades are a part of your collection? And, also the ones that you require to buy!

The Not-So-Dull-Not-So-Bright Grey!

Indeed a good match for our dark-hued skin tone! However, an essential shade of Grey can very well be a part of your routine wear. On the other hand, the same shade with a little sparkly glitter can be your party pick! Are you spellbound - looking at Malaika Arora flaunting this colour so convincingly on the ramp? Well, that's exactly how you shall feel wearing this shade!

Oh! So Beautiful a Yellow!


It's a myth that the colour yellow doesn't suit dusky skin. And, hence, let's abide by the factuality that it suits more than any other skin tone. Just see how gorgeous Lisa Haydon looks carrying that yellow attire! Indeed, this shade will look so bubbly and yet graceful you. And, we can't wait for the moment when you will fall in love with your skin tone.

Teal Blue is the Newbie in Town.

The newest trend shaking Instagram out of sleep these days happens to be a teal blue. Notably, all the girls out there are going crazy as a loon over this shade of blue. At Skin Organ, we suggest that you should undeniably have this in your wardrobe. It's one hell of an extraordinary colour that appears mod and swank on girls and women.

The Offbeat Tones Of Blue.

Hahaha, yes, the particular shades of blues are the colours to keep an eye out for, per se. Outshine like Lara Dutta and go bold with blue colour. From denims to pretty pastel-ish blue coloured tops, they can make you look phenomenal and bring out the colour of your skin. Make an effort to go for brighter shades of blue over cobalt ones. Because they might look washed out and dull. 

Shout Out, Red!

This universal colour is best suitable for all skin tones. So, if you ask us which colour dress suits on sun-kissed skin? We'd recommend a red coloured one for it is a made-to-order preference for the dusky girls. Oh! And who better than the confident ace designer Masaba Gupta to show you that! 

Moreover, you can even try a variety of different reds, from the simple ones to the ones with orange mixed in it. Oh, and you need some fabulous red lipsticks in your stash to light up your face in an instant.

To conclude, we hope the above discussed five colours exemplified your current wardrobe. So, do share with us in the comments section below as to which colour do you love wearing best? Happy exploring yourselves!