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5 Everyday Habits That Make You a Spendthrift

Posted on by skinorgan Admin


We all undergo the struggles of being broke while we are young. And most often, we end up accusing our parents or employer for not paying us a decent amount. However, even though that may sound true, we can’t refute the fact that we too have become spendthrifts. To clarify, we usually end up spending on unnecessary stuff. 

And, if you think otherwise, then you’ve got to read this article. Here are five everyday habits that may be causing a big hole in your pocket.

That One Cup of Coffee!

Although a cup of coffee might just seem like a tiny expense on your pocket, but, when you think of it as a daily consumption, you are sure to regret it. Are you the one who orders coffee from a local cafe next to your place of work every day? Well, if yes, then you are causing a dent to your monthly budget. Irrespective of the cost of the coffee, drinking it every day might not be pocket-friendly! Instead, how about you have it at home or rather carry along some with you? Think about it!

Dining Out Most Often than Not.

Saturdays without friends? Hell no! A lot of us cannot imagine, can we? Dining out is a lot of fun, your wallet? The answer is a big no! And you all know it. In place of this, why not eat at home, do a potluck or plan BYOB scenes now and then. It surely is the best of both worlds. You get to be with your favourite peeps and have fun, and at the same time, totally reduce the frequency of eating out.

Indulging in More than One Personal Care Product.

Personal care has its importance, but it can be executed at a minimalistic expense too. Try drugstore brands before you turn to luxury products. You never know, they might work just as good or probably even better. Most importantly, nowadays, the beauty industry is built to sell you expensive stuff you may not also need. Hence, prioritise, search, decide and after that, spend only on necessary things.

Avoiding Making Shopping Lists.

When you visit a grocery store, everything shall appear fancy to you. More than that, you might be lured into buying what’s not your need at that hour. 

To emphasise, their multiple schemes and offers here and there can make you buy more things than you require. Therefore, a lesson for life - sit and enlist what you need at home and only purchase those items.

Too Many Subscriptions! 

How much ever enticing the word ‘entertainment’ might sound, paying for the supporting subscriptions only strains your bank balance. If you have Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, figure out what you need. And it goes without saying, watch and spend only on that. 

Another way out can be pooling in with your friends and family members. It gets simplified when each one pays for a subscription each—consequently, that way you can use each other’s accounts and share the economical load.


We bet these minute yet essential changes in your lifestyle will make you financially stable. Additionally, you won’t have to hear ‘paise kya ped pe ugte hai’ from your parents again!