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10 Ways to Look Naturally Beautiful! Say No to Make-Up!

Posted on by skinorgan Admin

Does devoting a lot of hours right in front of your mirror, of course, occupies your day? Whoa! While make up can be a lot of fun, it should not become your mandatory course to look beautiful and elegant, reflect radiance, and feel confident. Undoubtedly, it does enhance your features, however, a plethora of natural ways exist that can imbibe the same qualities and keep fear and self-doubt at a distance.

Moreover, evaluating the fact that most of the products are a result of chemicals and artificial ingredients, it's always recommended to adorn the natural bare look. In fact, this glorifies your genuineness and lets it dazzle through. So, why not ditch your lengthy tedious mirror routines and go au naturel on the days you don't wish to wear makeup. Here are a few simple natural tips that we at Skinorgan wish to share and assist you with.

Drop the Mascara!

You can always skip using the mascara and instead curl your eyelashes to highlight your eyes. If you desire longer lashes, you can apply GrowBrow oil by Bella Vita Organic to your lashes before you hit the bed every night. Nevertheless, you can also brush them the next morning with a thin layer of Vaseline for that comprehensive look.

Exfoliation is your ticket to hitting the beauty jackpot!

To clarify, at least once a week, you need to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Therefore, you attain that facial glow you've always craved for. However, never indulge in extreme scrubbing. Simply because it leaves the skin feeling irritated. And, if you don't own an exfoliator, just add granular brown sugar to your cleanser and scrub gently to get smooth skin. It works wonders!

H20 is my new companion!

Drink warm water with a little lemon squeezed in it. This should ideally account to your daily morning routine to cleanse your body from the toxins and make you feel hydrated.

Acne Double Trouble

The first and foremost rule you need to follow while dealing with acne is to abstain from touching it. Time and again, we all have been found guilty about this habit. But, how much ever difficult it might sound, we desperately require to stop picking at acne or rubbing the skin. Also, you can apply a very thin layer of the Anti Acne Gel from Nuskhe By Paras that is specially created to fight against this stubborn skin problem. Hold on! Just let your skin breathe, peeps.

The Golden Glow Routine

Everytime that you wash your face with running water, follow it by moisturising it with So-Sensitive Face Water Cream from Nuskhe By Paras or a sunscreen before you begin your day outside the house. Not only is it an all-natural face gel that fades your blemishes away, but, it also helps treat acne and dry skin.

Groom Yourself

Impeccably shaped brows enhance your face. Further, pull your features into focus and give an instantaneous lift. Hence, don't neglect

Sticking to the Basics is the key.

A good skin is the best foundation you can lay for yourself. Therefore, if you decide to go au naturel, religiously follow your skincare regime. Cleanse regularly with rose water twice a day for that bright look. Thereafter use a toner in order to restore the pH balance of your skin. If you focus on good skin care, you really won't need makeup.

For that Heart Winning Beautiful Smile

Do not miss out on exfoliating your lips by gently rubbing a dampened toothbrush. Followed by which hydrating with Nicobalm by Bella Vita Organic to get rid of those cracked lips. A beautiful smile stands synonymous to your bright and young face. So, why not give your lips and teeth the attention they deserve? Brush at least twice a day. And, whenever you get some extra time to yourself, add baking powder to your toothbrush. Incorporate the same to your daily routine for whiter teeth.

The Classic 8 by 8 Rule

Ensure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water and sleep 8 hours at night. Resultantly, it will let your skin repair and restore on its own. Oh! And we forgot to also remind you that doing so would simultaneously keep your dark circles under check. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

Shampoo 'Me' Time

Shampooing your hair on alternate days prevents the hair and skin from becoming oily and greasy. Experiment healthily by styling your hair; straighten, or curl. You can even braid them in a plait or tie them in a bun. Get creative and use your imagination - because if you're having a good hair day, you can handle anything.